Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Digging up the steps

T Today we started our backyard landscaping project.  I expect that it will take us at least a year to complete it.   Eddie and I dug up some of the buried back steps.  It was our first archeological dig...and of all our backyard. 

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Making a plan for our backyard project

The backyard needs a lot of work.  We have decided to give it a guided naturalized look.  Right now it has a look of "transition".  Take a look at our progress.

Just kidding!!
Our backyard view cannot be improved.  However, the is a lot of work to do on the ground.

Since we cut down the huge hollow oak we are being invaded by "alien plants" that eagerly suck up the newly available open space and sunshine left by the gap from the felled oak tree. Japanese Knotwood, wild rose and Japanese wisteria are everywhere.  They are attacking all the native plants around them.  We cut out many invasive vines that were strangling a number of our baby dogwood, ash, birch and black cherry trees.  It will be months before we get it all completely cleaned up.  And we need to read a lot of books to understand what to get rid of and what to encourage.