Friday, March 25, 2011


Colors Galore

Space to Explore
We arrived on Saturday to be met by perfect weather, peace and quiet, and so much color that it was hard to know where to focus one's eyes.

Coming from the black,browns and dull greys of winter in New York, then to the pastel colors of the Abacos is really staggering.

Even though there has been limited time to play on the beach, those few moments that we had are so memorable.  The water is crystal clear.  We saw dolphins, Bally hoo, baby baracudas and jacks.  Joe almost bumped into some angel fish with his head when he was snorkeling out front.  They were so close that he couldn't see them.

Just beautiful.  I will always miss this place.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Coconut Palm has Value

  We picked up a coconut that fell from our tree out front of our home in the Abacos.  Matt and Joe busted it open using a variety of means that included using a hammer and a machete and incorporated a lot of cheering and encouragement from our two grandaughters who were watching.

Here is Lila showing how it looks inside.  

We grated up the coconut and it had nice flavor.  But we wondered, how healthy is it to use the oil and meat of the coconut? A family debate ensued over the value of a coconut.

The New York Times just put out an article on the value of coconut oil.  It seems as though the problems with the oil were mainly from the items added during manufacturing.  Just using plain old natural ingredients of coconuts isn't so bad after all. 

I would recommend opening up a coconut with guests as a high form of entertainment as long as one stands way back when the men take over.