Monday, November 22, 2010

Tired of weeding? Look up.

The Palisades are a terrific respite from hours of weeding and raking,  my knees stuck in the dirt, arms and legs weary from tugging and pulling on horrible, creepy, invasive vines.  It pays every once in awhile to stop looking down at the weeds and to look up and catch the larger view.   This view reaches past all the noisy leaf blowers, dismisses the roars of lawn mowers and shifts one's thoughts beyond ones aching muscles.  When I stand up from weeding, I see the Palisades of New Jersey across the Hudson River. What a mood they provide each day. Posted by Picasa


  1. Now that is a classic image! Down here we don't really get Fall leaves so that is something we miss (from Ottawa, New York and especially Wolf Creek Pass in CO).

    When weeding here - a really major task this year - one doesn't look up too much in case you grab hold of something you'd rather not. Hint: legs=0.

  2. Stay tuned to the ground. We wouldn't want to lose you!