Monday, January 24, 2011

Finders Keepers

People throw things into the ocean.  The ocean drops all kinds of things onto our beach. We pick up shoes, boards, jugs, rope, toilet seats, bottles, glass balls, crates.  What we don't use, we carry to the dump. Then, we find things at the dump.  I will do a separate piece on things we find at the dump.

Above is a board that floated in.  It was so heavy that I dragged it most of the way home rather than picking it up.  The last photo in today's blog shows how it looks after we cut it up and made something with it.
Anyone missing a shoe?

We keep crates that we found on the beach for collecting all the detritus.

We use what we find, if we can. Buckets are used for mopping our floors and are made into wastebaskets.  The plastic bin is going to become part of our garden, sunk into the ground to hold herbs.  What we cannot use goes to the dump.

More stuff

Joseph shows off his find.
Here is a particularly pretty find, a large ceramic ball used in the fishing nets, made in Japan.


That big plank I showed you in the beginning is now the top of a children's table. The legs of the children's table are also made from boards that we picked up on the beach.  This is a 100 percent "found it on the beach" table. 

We have an old saying down here, "If you really need something, then take a walk and you will find it on the beach."

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  1. What an excellent table!

    The saying in Captains Flat (a local village) used to be that if you need something go to the tip (aka dump) Then some goose persuaded the Council that the tip was too expensive, so it was closed.

    Who knows where all the reusable stuff goes now.