Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Coconut Palm has Value

  We picked up a coconut that fell from our tree out front of our home in the Abacos.  Matt and Joe busted it open using a variety of means that included using a hammer and a machete and incorporated a lot of cheering and encouragement from our two grandaughters who were watching.

Here is Lila showing how it looks inside.  

We grated up the coconut and it had nice flavor.  But we wondered, how healthy is it to use the oil and meat of the coconut? A family debate ensued over the value of a coconut.

The New York Times just put out an article on the value of coconut oil.  It seems as though the problems with the oil were mainly from the items added during manufacturing.  Just using plain old natural ingredients of coconuts isn't so bad after all. 

I would recommend opening up a coconut with guests as a high form of entertainment as long as one stands way back when the men take over.

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  1. Mary
    At some of the resorts on the Great Barrier Reef the owners have placed metal spikes for dehusking coconuts. I think this involves driving a pointed spike into the ground and then some work with an angle grinder to sharpen up the exposed bit.

    Of course there are risks with this. The first is bad aim when embedding the 'nut. The second is locating the spike anywhere near locales that purvey - or permit consumption of - alcoholic beverages. I will let your imagination loose on that one.

    We have munched on coconuts acquired in many ways in many countries. Starting with those won at fairgrounds in England in my youth and ending (thus far) with those that fell from the palms in our compound when living in Dar es Salaam (when we were quick enough to get them before the askaris). I don't think there have been obvious adverse effects from consuming them!