Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July, the Hot and Sultry Month is Upon Us

     the day before,
steam rolls off the grass,
sun melts hot colors of summer flowers
shade comes in sliced pieces
shattered by tall grasses
wind sneaks through bushes
 frenetically waving

Black and white of winter,
Browns and oranges of autumn.
Have disappeared forgotten.
Winter Memories Shown Here

Orange lilies bob their heads
reaching out above the hydrangeas
delicate flickering petals flying
sedately touching summer hot streams of light.

Orange lilies dominate.
Last year it was hot pink phlox.

The garden shifts its mood
which way the seeds blow
how seedlings survive winter storms,
which roots drink in cold spring rain
absorb or radiate this simmering heat
sometimes leaves just shrugging down and hanging there
waiting for water.

Stonework defines the landscape.
However, the bushes and trees reinterpret the lay out to suit their own needs.

View from Attic

From the ground

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  1. What a beautiful garden, both in tern of design concept and execution. No wonder you wantd to keep the deer out!