Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rainy Day in Paradise

When it rains on this island, it rumbles.  

Last night lightening streaked across the sky, thunder woke us up several times.  Finally, early yesterday morning, it burst into rain.  We got up to watch.  Our electricity was off inside the house, but there was plenty of electricity in the sky.
Front road mud puddles

Afterward, bright grey water settled on the dirt road out front
quite different from the brown mud-puddle 
that we get in New York.  This water reflects softened coral rock.

After awhile, the sky broke open with scattered light.

The ocean was still but the sky was not.

Plants opened up and started uncurling from their parched positions, relaxed with water.

This coconut palm captured the joy of water received.

Our Birdhouse
The backyard looks greener, softer.  The birdhouse sits midst stunning greenery.

Sabal Palm tucked under old almond tree stump.

Native sea grape in rain.

Wet hibiscus overlooks native plants.

Our upper deck, as our neighbor call it, overlooking nature's theatre.

A perspective on our home from the  point of view of the native sea grape.


  1. Very nice pictures Mary! The post does raise the question of how much rain fell? In our area everyone just about has a rain gauge and a recitation of recent falls the rainfall (when we have some, which we haven't for several days)is a frequent conversation opener.


  2. This is a nice suggestion, Martin. I think I will try to get a rain gauge, soon.