Wednesday, August 6, 2014

When a blog languishes

What an irritating thing to do.  Just stop blogging?  Why?

Suppose there are friends out there wondering what happened.
For example, is she still alive?

Did she commit a serious crime?
If so, when will she be getting out of prison?

Has she lost her voice?
That shouldn't stop anybody from typing.

Did a bear eat her after mistaking her for a bird feeder?
How is the bear feeling?

It may be simpler to get back to blogging
than it is to come up witha litany of flimsy excuses.


  1. Some of the friends would simply assume blogging had dropped to about priority 87, and even you can only do 86 things at once. But do keep blogging!

    Martin - who has been quiet recently as (a) we've been away for a month and (b) i am trying to write up the posts to cover that trip!

  2. Busy fellow that you are, I am awed by your blogging abilities. Best of luck getting that trip covered. Looking forward to reading all about it.